Where do the NG9-1-1 common nodes go?

One of the bigger architectural decisions when designing an #NG9-1-1 implementation is where the NGCS (central services) go, such as the ECRF, LVF, ESRP and bridge. I’ve been consulting on state-wide NG9-1-1 deployments, and have seen proposals from most of the vendors in the space. I see the following choices: State-specific nodes located in state, […]

Lessons Learned – CenturyLink 911 Outage from August 2018

See my post here to learn more about me and my point of view.  As of this writing, CenturyLink (CL) has recently restored service from a massive outage of their IP network, which affected wireless #E911 service in many areas. We don’t know what happened yet. The FCC is investigating, and we will get a […]